A Symphony of Crickets cookie platter for events. Contains cricket powder!
A Symphony of Crickets: Cookie Platter!
A Symphony of Crickets: Cookie Platter!
A Symphony of Crickets: Cookie Platter!
Kiminy's Crickets

A Symphony of Crickets: Cookie Platter!

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A party tray of 60 individually-wrapped and labeled cricket cookies!

Perfect for family get-togethers, office celebrations, or any kind of party! What better way to entertain your guests than with cookies made with crickets? 

By default, A Symphony of Crickets includes:

  • 20 Chocolate Chirps
  • 20 Crickerdoodles
  • 20 Fire Crickets

This cookie platter can be shipped anywhere within New York State, personally delivered anywhere within Manhattan, or picked up from the Upper West Side. Cookies are typically baked and sent out within 2-3 days of your order, so please select a shipping option that's fast enough for your special event.

Reach out to kim@kiminys.com if you'd like to arrange for me to bake your order at a later date so that they stay fresh!

If you'd like a different cookie distribution, or would like to arrange a specific date for delivery/drop off/pick up, please include a note with your order or email kim@kiminys.com!